Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Permits

Work cannot commence until a valid building permit accompanied by an approved, stamped plan and documents are issued.​​​

A Special Inspection as herein required of the materials, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections requiring special expertise to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards. Examples of items that would require a Special Inspection but not limited to would be Field Welding, High Strength Bolting, High Strength Concrete, Epoxy Anchors.

Field Inspections

The easiest way is to use the automated inspection request system. To schedule an inspection for the next work day, you must schedule ​before 5:00 p.m.​ The system is available to callers seven days a week at 916 875-5296.​

You must be a registered user and logged into your account to schedule inspections and select the correct inspection code.

  1. Register for an account in the online permit services system.
  2. Log to your new account.
  3. "Search" for your Permit Case. 
  4. Scroll down & click on the underlined permit number.
  5. In the inspections section; Click the "Schedule" option to the right.
  6. Select AM or PM but times are not guaranteed.

Enter any special notes and a contact number and click the "Schedule Inspection" button.

No, We cannot schedule a specific time for your inspection. The inspector may be able to give you a window of time that he or she will be there. It is advised you call the inspector directly the morning of the inspection.

Home projects:

  • Once your inspector signs off the completed work, the building permit and project are complete. Your signed job card for final is your Certificate of Occupancy for Residential projects only.
  • Keep all plans, supplemental documents, signed job card and permit of your project in the event you sell your home or refinance.

Commercial Projects may receive a signed Certificate of Occupancy.

At the time of inspection, have the following items available on-site:

  • Access to the area of work (animals secured)
  • Approved, stamped set of construction plans and supplemental documents (if applicable)
  • An OSHA approved ladder to access roof or attic (if applicable)
  • Permit, Inspection Card and other supporting documents included with permit package

    • Construct the project as per your approved, stamped construction building plan.
    • Call for an inspection before placing concrete or “covering" any aspect of construction and moving to the next stage of construction.
    • Be sure your work phase is complete and ready for inspection before scheduling appointment.
    • Inspection sequence will vary based on construction type and scope of work. Communicate with your field inspector for the appropriate inspection schedule.

    Residential Permits

    Yes. As of January 1st, 2010 a permit is required to replace windows. This requirement includes both retrofit or cut in window and door replacement.

    As of January 1st, 2011 all new one and two family dwellin​gs require fire sprinklers.

    All new homes need to be reviewed and approved by Technical Resources, LDSIR, Planning Department, Sacramento Sewer District.  Other County Departments and Agencies​  may need to be contacted depending on the conditions on your parcel are Water Resources. 

    Technical Resources:            

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