Complaints & Violations

Complaint Confidentiality

Your name, address and contact information are kept confidential. The Complaining party information is exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act (see CA Govt. Code, Section 6254(k) and Evid Code section 1041.

The Complaints & Violations Section​ responds to complaints from the public, the Board of Supervisors and County staff. We investigate and resolve building complaints to help maintain and improve the quality and safety of construction in our community.

We enforce all of the California State Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Codes, California Administrative Code*^, Sacramento County Administrative Code* and the Sacramento Nuisance​ Code* which are all a part of the Sacramento County Code*, Chapter (Title) 16* that are pertinent to the construction industry. 

Types of complaints Investigated:

  • Work completed without benefit of permit (such as  a new bedroom addition, remodel of a restaurant, reroofs & patio covers and garage conversions.)
  • Change in Use or Occupancy without benefit of permit (such as  a warehouse to office space, storage to smog shop and dwelling to commercial use.) 

To Report a Possible Violation:

The Process:

  • When a complaint is received, we verify if the property owner has a permit.
  • If the situation requires a permit,  we verify current ownership with a property background report from the County Assessor's Office.
  • A field Inspector will visit the site to assess whether a violation exists. A Notice of Violation (NOV) or an Order to Stop Work will be issued at the site and/or mailed to the current property owner if a violation does exist. 
  • A case is started and a parcel tag is placed against the property that reflects the specific Code Violation that was cited. In some situations, the historical archives and historical aerial photos must be researched.  
  • If a property does not show progress towards compliance within a prescribed period, a lien may be placed against the property. This lien will cloud the title and stop any attempt to refinance or sell the property.  
  • If the property is found to still not have a permit or has not removed the violation, a Code Violation Courtesy Notice may be sent. This advises the owner of the consequences of failing to address the matter. The County may file against the owner through the Sacramento County Counsel's Office or the District Attorney's Office, or both, for legal action. 
  • When the permit that addresses the violation is submitted, the case is placed on hold. The parcel tag is removed, the data system is updated, and the entire file is closed once the permit is finalized. 
  • May not be the current adopted code. There is a lag time between code adoption and the time it takes for the code to go online.  
  • Sacramento County uses the latest California code edition. 

Building Violation Case Demand Requests

​​ To Make a Payment In Person:

County Branch Center, Bradshaw Campus Service Center
9700 Goethe Road, Sacramento

Monday - Friday, 8:30am  to 4:30pm 

This location has Building staff available during office hours so visitors can speak with a representative about Building code issues and get general information, as well as make payments for Building Violation cases.  

Payments can also be mailed to:

County of Sacramento Department of Revenue Recovery 
PO Box 1086
Sacramento, CA 95812-1086